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Rotato Pro + 8 templates

USD 69

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"Just have a play around and, I kid you not, 3 minutes later you will want to buy the full version."
Anastasia Filatova, Content Marketer

Additional information

How can the price be so low?


Each of us have a personal, unique take, waiting to get out. Wouldn't it be a shame if that talent were limited by which apps you use—and how much you can afford to pay? We're here to fight expensive and hard-to-learn 3D, even if it takes lowering our prices.

1. You're not paying for a (polluting) render farm
We spent 3 years building a custom engine based on the 3D breakthroughs that make games fast and AR photo-realistic. And it doesn't stop there. Apple's relentless focus on AR means you get handed the latest directly-on-the-chip advances in Metal with every release of macOS. Unlike our competitors, this means we can skip the expensive servers, it means you keep your designs 100% private and offline, and it means you can render unlimited images ands videos. 10 times faster, at the same or better quality.

2. You're not paying for features you don't need
We shaved off the features you don't need for mockups, like complex 3D modeling and UV map editing. Instead, we added improvements under the hood, in the virtual DSLR camera, the fluid animations, and fine-tuning all of it specifically for mockups, making your design look instantly better by default.

3. You're not paying for ads
The majority of app companies pass huge marketing bills directly to their users. We figured that if we focus mercilessly on making Rotato outstanding, people will spread the word for us, for free. And they do. 4 out of 5 Rotato users tell their friends about the app.

What are some alternatives to Rotato?


There's a few great apps out there...if you have the time to learn how to use them — aaaand money lying around to pay for them. Adobe After Effects 1 year: $250, Cinema 4D R23: $3,495, Screenspace 1 year: $2,400 or an agency at $500/day.

And that's just the apps. You can find free PSD mockups out there

I'm buying for work and will expense. Do I get an invoice & VAT refunded?


Yes. After purchasing, you get an invoice link that leads to a page where you can enter your full company information that will go on the invoice. This is also where you can start your VAT refund, and get an updated invoice for your books.

Will it work on my computer?


Most likely. Rotato needs macOS 10.14 or newer, running on any kind of Mac bought around 2015 or later.

Is it a subscription?


No. No monthly fees. No yearly fees. You can use Rotato forever, and you get a whole year of feature and mockup updates.

What happens after a year? Nothing. You can keep using Rotato. If you want to keep getting new mockup devices and new features, it's time to renew your license.

Can I use my license on my other computer?


Yes. As long as you're the logged in user of both computers. Get in touch on to unlock your second computer.

Is there a student plan?


Yes. Read more.

Does the price include VAT?


Yes. And if you're a business and your country has a VAT refund policy (most do), you can get the VAT refunded.

Enterprise: Can I use purchase orders (POs), get quotes, pay by invoice and bank transfer?


Yes, email sales at if you need more than 10 licenses. If you need less than 10 licenses, you can select a quantity after you select your deal above.