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What we've been up to

Here are some of examples of features we've added


Select scenes now let you customize the light source and shadow

Color Bounce

Let the scene's background color or images bounce light on the devices for extra realism

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Fully customizable Laptop Mockup

iPhone 13

Showcase on the latest iPhone model

iMac 24

The latest iMac model, with an adjustable screen angle

Glass phone

An iPhone, but made of glass so you can give the background more room

iPhone 12

You can now choose between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Floating

4 iPhones thrown in the air, floating

File compression

Saved .rotato files are now 25x smaller

Improved clay mode

iPhone 8 clay mode is now more clay-like

Downloadable scenes

Only store the scenes you need, the rest are a click away

iPad Pro 2021 Me

The latest M1-powered iPad Pro

iPad Pro with Keyboard

An iPhone Pro on the latest Magic Keyboard

Searchable scenes

Speed up your workflow with searchable scenes in both the splash and scene editor

Upside/down Generic Phone Scene

Show two designs with a focus on one until you rotate

TikTok format

Export to exactly the TikTok dimensions

Animated GIF support

Beyond dozens of video formats, Rotato now also supports animated GIFs

Adjustable corner radius

Use any corner radius on the Universal scene device

Glass reflections on/off

Turn reflections on and off with one click

Simple lightning

Simplify scene lightning for a simpler look

6 multi-device scenes

Macbook and iPhones in six constellations

Template System

Make tedious work easily repeatable and fast

Template Library

A dedicated area in Rotato for templates

Splash Screen

Rotato boots within one bounce in the dock, letting you choose your scene or recent project

Custom reflection environments

Use your own spherical images for screen reflections

Faster launch

Get to work faster with 3x decreased app launch time

Save Settings

Get consistent renderings with per-project render settings

Control Easing

Make your keyframes move exactly the way you envisioned with the easing controls

Better Lighting

Softer, more smooth default studio lights in the 3D environment

Animation Timeline

Tell your own animated story with the Rotato Animation Timeline

Dribbble Export

Drag movies straight from Rotato to Dribbble with the new Dribbble preset

Save Keyframes

Share and resume working on mockup-independent keyframes with Keyframe Set Saving

Save Projects

Share and resume working on projects with the Rotato project file format

Record iPhone & iPad

Skip the tedious steps and make screen recording videos straight from your iPhone or iPad, right in Rotato


Squeeze out the most of your brand new M1 Mac with new Apple Silicon optimizations

Batch Rendering

Create 100s of different mockups in one click with the automated snapshot rendering

Web Animations

Bring your mockup magic to the web and native apps with Lottie-compatible JSON animations you can control with Javascript

App Store Images

Save hours of boring work by exporting all AppStore screenshot sizes in one go

Big Sur Refresh

Enjoy the refreshed look of the Big Sur-style redesign

Presentation Mode

Make a mind-blowing impression at meetings (or calls) with the new Presentation Mode

Transparent Backgrounds

Make your mockups float on top of anything with transparent backgrounds in videos


Explain, point out details, call to action with the labels feature

100+ File Formats

Never convert a file again with added support for 100+ import file formats

Pro File Formats Export

Work with other pros with the ProRes4444, HEVC and HEVC With Alpha codecs

Render Destination

Quickly update a video with a saved destination file and folder per project

Super High Quality

Render pixel perfect movies and snapshots at 96 renders per frame with the Super High quality option

Fast MR2 Renderer

Do more iterations with 10 x rendering speed with the MR2 Renderer

Apple XDR Monitor

Mockup of Apple's high-end monitor

Macbook 16 inch

Mockup of the fastest Macbook around

Triple iPhone 12 Pro

Three iPhones floating in space, great for animations

iPhone 12 Pro double

Two iPhones floating in space

Pixel 4a

Google's slick flagship phone

iPhone 12 pro

The latest and iPhone, added days after it was first announced

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