Rotato Privacy Policy

The privacy of your data is a big deal to us. Your design screenshots, videos, live iOS mirroring, movie renderings, snapshot renderings are all processed locally, on your own machine. Rotato never uploads your creative work to the cloud or other computers on your network. This is possible because all rendering and processing of your designs happen on your computer and not a rendering computer in the cloud.

Identity and access

When you sign up or open Rotato the first time, we ask for only the most important information. Your name and your email. We may also ask general questions about how you plan on using Rotato. These are optional. The reason we ask is so we can understand your needs and how we can help you better. You can choose to receive news about Rotato, such as when we create new 3D models. We store your email with Mailchimp, as well as metadata necessary for providing you basic service and relevant information.

When you use Rotato on macOS, we use Mixpanel to understand how our app is used; which features should we work to improve, and if users encounter any bugs. We also use Microsoft App Center to log crashes. This is anonymous. We can't necessarily see which buttons you click specifically. So when you ask for help with a feature, we have to ask you exactly what you clicked on. When you start Rotato, the app talks to Paddle to check if your entered license is valid. Like all connections Rotato make, this also happens on a secure connection.

When you purchase Rotato Pro, everything is handled by our merchant on record, Paddle. Paddle is known for their great attention to detail, and are fully GDPR-compliant. Another Paddle customer you may know is the prototyping tool Framer. Paddle also only asks for only the most necessary information to complete your purchase. That includes a billing address (in some cases), your country, and your credit card, Apple Pay, or PayPal details.

Paddle also handles order-related questions for us, on In these cases correspondence between you and Paddle and sometimes Rotato, may be stored in Paddle's internal systems, such as Zendesk. You can ask Paddle to remove all your data at any time by using

When you ask for product help, your questions go through our other partner, Intercom. Intercom stores your email, so we can get in touch with you. They also use cookies so we can pick up our conversation where we left off.

When you visit our site, we use cookies to better understand how we can make our site better. We use Google Analytics, and all the data is anonymized.

Changes and questions

Rotato may update this policy once in a blue moon. We'll notify you of significant changes via email, in cases where we do have your email, or by placing a prominent notice on our site. You can access, change or remove your personal information by emailing

Detailed information‍

Company information

Otato Gmbh, Klingenstrasse, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland.

Privacy contact and information, Otato Gmbh, Klingenstrasse, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland.

Description of service

Rotato by Otato GmbH. Website:


None of our partners below handle design files or exported video files. Imported and exported design assets do not leave your desktop computer unless you manually choose to do so. We never share any information with third parties beyond these partners, nor do the partners.

Own processing location

Zurich, Switzerland

Data retention

We keep the information needed to provide our service. This is mainly order information and the information given at signup (email and a a short survey). We comply with deletion requests. Rotato's employees and partners cannot access credit card information as this part is handled by our payment provider, Paddle.

Security documentation

Rotato is not officially certified (Rotato is a native macOS app, processing the user's work offline)

Data transfers

Not applicable.

Personal data processed

Email, name, product usage is handled by Otato GmbH Credit card data is handled by Paddle (merchant of record), and Otato GmbH does not have access to credit card data other than the last four digits of a card number.