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Simple, powerful web video conversion in one click, from MP4 or MOV to WebM and HEVC With Alpha. Privacy-first. Easy testing for Safari and Chrome. Unlimited free use. Free and safe.

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Drag. Drop. Done.

No more fiddling with installing geeky command line tools and their long terminal commands, or uploading to shady servers on websites you've never heard of.

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A screenshot showing the app is ready to start converting

Effortless alpha channel test

QuickTime, QuickLook and browsers don’t show alpha channels out of the box, filling your workflow with doubt and hesitation. Rotato Converter shows your alpha channel instantly when you drag it in—and even offers ways to test your work in both Safari and Chrome, saving you time and frustrations.

Learn more about checking transparency

A screenshot showing the app is ready to start converting

Works with videos made in any app

Rotato Converter is not just for videos made with Rotato. As long as your source video has an alpha channel, Converter will do its best to create web-friendly versions. It’s still early days, so let us know how it works for you!

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Rotato Converter

Easy to get online

  1. Drag your video to Rotato Converter
  2. Upload the two output videos to a server
  3. Change the
    attributes in the snippet
  4. Publish!

Read our guide to publishing transparent videos here

        <!-- Set up -->
        <video width="600" height="100%" 
        autoplay loop muted playsinline>
        <!-- Provide the Safari video -->
          type='video/mp4; codecs="hvc1"'>
          <!-- .. and the Chrome video -->

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