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Teams and procurement companies buy Rotato every day.

Most of them choose the easy and fast route by selecting a deal and using a credit card. The delivery is instant, and team members make their deadlines. But not all processes are the same, and we're working hard to help all our customers.

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Procurement information

If you're looking for Rotato's seller info, you can find it below.

Manufacturer/Provider of the products/services

Otato GmbH, Switzerland

Type of Product

Design presentation tool

Manufacturer Part Number

Rotato Pro


No. Not unless you're explicitly buying a subscription (may not be available in your area.) See the Pricing page for the current offers.

Renewal/Upgrade Ref:

Order number sent via email upon purchase

Physical or Electronic Delivery

Electronic, via email

Unit price

See pricing page

Delivery cost

Free via email

Estimated Lead Time for Delivery

Immediate via email


See Pricing page, local currency where applicable

Registered Company name

Otato GmbH


Company type

GmbH, Switzerland (LLC)

Contact name

Morten Just

Accounting Contact

Morten Just, Founder,

VAT number

CHE-216.601.436 MwST

Official company registration document

Swiss company registry document for Otato GmbH

Supplier type


Company registration number


Company Address

Klingenstrasse 39, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

Billing Name and Address

Otato GmbH Klingenstrasse 39, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland