26 reasons you'll
love Rotato

Rotato Exclusive
Quick and easy-to-follow tutorials

Learn 3D faster than you can finish your coffee

Most 3D tutorials are hard to read. It often feels like you need a tutorial for the tutorial!

We keep growing our collection of 50+ 3D mockup tutorials. And instead of optimizing for search engines, we optimize for reading speed and clarity. As a result, most of them take just 2 minutes to read and follow!

Rotato Exclusive
Studio-grade quality

Billions of lossless pixels

Pixelated, janky, and over-compressed assets are the enemies of a good first impression.

Rotato lets you export 4K videos in buttery smooth 60fps. That's equivalent to taking 500 images with a megapixel DSLR camera every 0.01 seconds. And if you need a lossless version for tools Premiere or Final Cut, you can render ProRes 4444—even with alpha channels.

1,587 times faster than Blender

Rendering time in seconds, 3D phone rotating 360 degrees, 5 seconds clip, 4K 60fps, using an Apple M1 Max, 64Gb RAM
Blender, H264
Rotato, H264
Rotato, ProRes4444 lossless
Rotato Exclusive
Rotato Steel engine

Creativity loves speed

The norm in the 3D world is to render overnight. And honestly, it's devastating to creativity to wait 12 hours to see your work.

Rotato uses recent advances in rendering, right on the chip: a stunning 5.2 billion pixels rendered per second on new hardware and minutes, not days, on 10-year-old Macs.

101x times less than the price of a freelancer

Prices retrieved June 2022
Freelancer, 1 week
Cinema 4D, 1 year
Adobe After Effects, 1 year
Rotato, one-off

Priced at a dinner for two

When you buy Adobe After Effects or Cinema 4D, you're paying for thousands and thousands of features you'll most likely never know are there.

We don't buy ads. We don't have SEOs or marketing managers. That's how we keep the price at a fraction, so you can get Rotato for a single project.

Drag and drop

If you know drag and drop, you know Rotato

Ever tried adding your design to a 3D model in After Effects or Blender? Did you find the texture? How long did it take? How many tutorials did you watch?

Rotato is drag and drop. Drag images. Drag videos. Drag to rotate. Drag to export. You may not have tried Rotato, but you already know how to use it.

Clay, generic and universal mockups

A variation for every situation

A super-realistic 3D phone may not be what you need every time. Sometimes you want something in between an iPhone and an Android phone. Sometimes you want no phone at all.

  • Clay mode removes all reflections
  • Universal is just a screen that adapts to whatever you throw at it but can still be animated.
  • Generic phones and laptops don't look like a specific make or model but are still realistic.
Rotato Exclusive
App Store screenshot & automation

Better App Store images, faster

Just when you thought you were ready to ship! App Store asks for 10 screenshots, and you very well know that those images can mean a world of difference in downloads.

Rotato makes your App Store images more engaging with

Animation timeline

Animations at the speed of thought

We made Rotato's timeline as simple as it gets: Rotate. Make keyframe. Rotate. Make keyframe. Done.

Rotato Exclusive
Full privacy

Safe from leaks.

A poorly timed, uncontrolled press cycle can ruin an entire launch. Months down the drain. That's why most big companies take ages to approve cloud-based apps. If you're lucky.

Rotato hosts no designs in the cloud. Your designs are files on your hard drive, never sent over the internet to a server in another country.

Rotato Exclusive
Presentation mode

They've never seen a deck like this

Do you still present your designs slide by slide, one dead mockup after another?

Jump into presentation mode and skip-animate between your keyframes. Works great on video calls, too.

Ready-to-render bundles

We'll animate it for you. Drag, drop, render, done.

We get it. Sometimes you're not just busy; you're out of time. A presentation is coming up in 5 minutes, and you have nothing.

We made 30+ professional animation templates you can grab, drag in your design, render, and done, in 5 seconds flat.

30+ device models

Never hunt for a mockup again

There are free sites with thousands of mockups. But they're inconsistent. They're not customizable. There's always ... something.

We keep adding new mockups as new devices are released, and often within a week - as we did with the iPhone 13 mockup.


100% customizable backgrounds

The background is often 50% of the video or image. So why don't we start treating it as a first-class citizen?

Rotato extracts your brand colors. You can choose any custom color. Or an image. Or a video. Or a 3D gradient.



Everything around us has them. but many mockups don't—and if they do, you can't adjust them.

Shadows are default in Rotato. For most device models, you can even choose a style—and always tune their intensity.

Rotato Exclusive
Reflection control

Reflections to taste

3D reflections are complex. Sometimes you want a lot, sometimes nothing at all.

Rotato lets you enable, disable, and use a preset reflection with real-life reflections like an office or a beach—you can even make your own.

Rotato Exclusive

Work from the bottom of an ocean (if you want)"

You're just not always online, especially not during take-off and landing. Using cloud-based tools is simply not always an option.

Rotato is offline-first. Nothing is shipped to the cloud. It's just you and your Mac.

Rotato Exclusive
PNG sequences

Unlimited creative control of your rendering

Sometimes you want control down to the frame, but all you have is a compressed video. Even if you try and save each frame from the video, you'll find that some of them are ruined by the compression algorithm.

Set the frame rate, and image size, and export each frame as a PNG file.

Rotato Exclusive
Web export

Make scroll-to-animate videos for the web

Videos are either playing or paused. Want to play the video when the user scrolls? You're out of luck.

To do scroll animations on the web, you need a clever way of quickly scrubbing between video frames. Rotato lets you export all frames and make your own player — or just export to web, and let Lottiejs handle it for you.

Rotato Exclusive
Transparent videos

Videos with transparency that work in all browsers

Videos can feel like a rectangle brick, refusing to work with your other design elements.

Rotato exports to both HEVC With Alpha and ProRes 4444 with alpha. Plus, Rotato Converter is a free tool that converts your HEVC With Alpha to Chrome's native format WebM, so you get the best of both browser worlds.

Rotato Exclusive
Free until you're ready

Pay when you are ready

We know how scary it is to pay for a new product you haven't even had the chance to try.

You can try all Rotato's features for free, forever. No credit card, no questions asked. And if you pay and decide Rotato isn't for you, we send the entire amount back into your bank account. Also no questions asked. But honestly, it rarely happens.

Rotato Exclusive
Cinematic explosions

Cinematic shots

Sometimes, realism isn't quite enough

Our Figma plugin lets you explode your layers in Rotato, in one click. You can control - even animate - the levitation of the layers.

Rotato Exclusive
Audio soundtrack

Add a soundtrack

Most mockup generators generate silent movies as if we were in the 1920s

Rotato lets you drag in audio files of virtually any format.

Rotato Exclusive
3D labels

Not just captions

You're in 3D. Titles shouldn't be dead labels carelessly placed above the video.

Rotato puts 3D titles right next to your device. Animate and customize, down to kerning, ligatures, and everything you'd expect from a professional design tool.

Photo realism

They'll ask which camera you used

Isomorphic mockups can make your head hurt. You know something is off!

Super-accurate DSLR camera lens simulation. You can even change the settings of the virtual lens.

Rotato Exclusive
iPhone mirroring

Design coming to you live via USB

You've been there. You need a bunch of screenshots of your prototype or app running on your phone. Now you take screenshots. Then you email yourself. And now the day is gone.

Plug your iOS device into your Mac via USB, and Rotato lets you mirror your phone on the 3D mockup. You can even make screen recordings and use those without ever seeing a video file icon. And yes, we change the clock to say 9:41. We show a full battery. We show a full network indicator. Just like Apple's guidelines say.

Landscape and portrait

Any orientation

Landscape apps are often ignored by mockup generators.

With Rotato, you can rotate any device to landscape, but you don't have to. Rotato automatically detects landscape mode when you drag in a design.