Using a 3D background image

Add depth with a background that moves with the camera and is reflected on the mockup

This tutorial has been updated the to latest design of Rotato

You can use a specially sized image to create an immersive 3D environment for your mockup scene.

Let's take a look!

How to do it

  1. Find or create an environment image. See below for details.
  2. Drag in your environment image on the scene's background
  3. That's it. If Rotato recognizes your image as an environment image, you will see the environment move as you drag to pan the camera.

Using gradients or images

Here's an example using a simple gradient in 1:2 format - e.g. 1400 x 700


And here's what it looks like when. you use a spherical image.


Solid colors

You can also use a solid color as your custom reflection environment. This is great when you have a simple solid background and want the device to blend in more naturally with the background. Here's what it looks like in comparison


Using reflections only

Using only the reflections can help make your scene more calm if you have a busy reflection map.

  1. Drag in your reflection image on the background
  2. Change the background to a solid color in the Looks toolbar, or drag in a new non-reflection image.

How to reset a scene's environment

Go to the Lens tab and remove the checkmark next to Reflection Environment.

The environment image format

Rotato supports the following environment image formats

  • Spherical projection. Pixel coordinates mapped to lat/long on a sphere. Grab 100% free spherical maps here.
  • Vertical strip. 6 x 1:1 cubes side by side.
  • Horizontal strip. 6 x 1:1 cubes stacked.