Figma plugin and new mockup devices

A brand new Figma plugin, 3 new devices, and lots of improvements across the app

What if you didn't have to leave Figma to create a quick mockup rendering of your app? Or a crazy detailed layer explosion for your pitch deck's title slide? Our new Figma plugin lets you do just that. We also packed three new devices, improved the scene viewport, added official device color presets, etc. Have fun with version 125!

Figma Plugin

The mockup plugin lets you do three big things: wrap any Figma frame in a 3D mockup and explode your layers in 3D. And, for the first time in Figma, you can now create live captures of your iPhone's screen, and wrap them in a 3D mockup in a crisp 4K image, right in Figma.

Read more and grab the plugin today.

New devices

We also prepared 3 new hand-crafted 3D device models for you for this release.

Flexible work area

When you resize Rotato, the work area makes sure all scene parts are visible. Plus, we added a thin border around the scene that shows you where it starts and ends when you're using a transparent background.

This video shows a previous version of Rotato

Official device colors

If you're looking for a high degree of realism, you might want to use the official device colors. We added an extra row of colors below the auto-extracted ones.

This video shows a previous version of Rotato

Improved shadows

For the new devices, we went all-in on 3D-rendered shadows. You can now find your perfect fit among 4 variations.

This video shows a previous version of Rotato

More improvements

  • When you yank artboard levitations all the way down, Rotato now stops with Swiss precision at the point where all the layers line up
  • Exploded artboards can now be saved, shared, and loaded in .rotato files and templates
  • Rotato will now add a counter to snapshot file names if the suggested file already exists

What's fixed

  • Background videos are now synced to the timeline playhead
  • Fixed a bug where Rotato would move the scene when using the arrow keys in the file name box when saving a snapshot for some users
  • Fixed a bug where licenses expiring around Dec 14 2021 would not allow the use of the 20x faster Styro MR2 Renderer