Better keyboard shortcuts

New keyboard shortcuts - and you can change them

Lots of goodies for keyboard shortcut fans in this new release!

What's changed

  • Space now starts and stops your current animation
  • To grab the scene, press and hold G while you move your mouse
  • You no longer have to click the canvas area to use the arrow keys to move the camera
  • You can now make a keyframe from anywhere with the K button

What's new

  • Added keyboard navigation to the top menu. That means you can easily see what the keyboard shortcuts are — and also make your shortcuts in System Preferences > Keyboard
  • You can now also rotate the camera's z angle with the keyboard
  • You can now use the keys 1-9 to go quickly to preset positions. The 0 key resets the camera position.

What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where some users couldn't deactivate their license and use it on their new computer
  • Fixed an issue where a few users would see the red tag after activating a license
  • Fixed an issue where Rotato would tell you that a license was disabled when using Rotato under a specific networking condition