10x all the renders!

Speed is the focus of this release, which also says hello to Big Sur and Apple Silicon

This version comes with a significant rendering time improvement. We worked hard on this one, and it paid off. Rendering time is not the only thing that improved, quality got a huge tick upwards as well.

What’s improved?

New rendering engine

Render your movies 10-15 times faster, choose professional file formats, at any movie length, with the ground-up rewritten rendering engine MR2. Let’s take a look:

  • Rendering speed increased 10-15 times (on both M1 and Intel)
  • That’s right; you just read that: ten to fifteen times faster rendering
  • Tested on Macbooks from 2013 up to 2020 M1 Macbooks, Minis
  • Colored backgrounds in renders now match the preview
  • Memory-optimization so you use other apps while rendering
  • You can now render movies of any length at the same high speed
  • Better motion blur

More improvements

  • Improved UI flow in the Device Recorder
  • Switching to Clay mode now also removes screen reflections

What’s new?

  • Export videos optimized for Youtube, Vimeo, and other social media
  • Export higher quality and smaller files with the HEVC format (H265)
  • Export videos with transparent background
  • Open or reveal rendered movies right from the rendering completed dialog
  • Compatibility: Import 50+ image formats and 93+ audio/video formats
  • Imported images are now embedded in saved Rotato files
  • Big Sur design language: New toolbar. and a new app icon
  • You can now search for a scene or device
  • Universal binary: Optimized for M1 and future Apple Silicon machines
  • You can now import from the toolbar, in addition to dragging

What’s changed?

  • To export a PNG sequence or Lottie animation, use the toolbar Export button.

What’s fixed?

  • Fixed a bug where selecting two keyframes would duplicate one onto another
  • Fixed a bug in Big Sur where certain letters in a label would not appear on the scene
  • Fixed a bug that would not sometimes release memory when canceling a rendering
  • Fixed a bug where dragging in a landscape image would crash Rotato on Apple M1
  • Fixed a bug where the XDR monitor’s screen would be glitchy for some users using Intel GPUs
  • Fixed a bug where opening a Rotato file would sometimes also open a blank document
  • Fixed a bug where the iPad device would not rotate when dragging in a landscape image