Wrap your app designs in device mockups without ever leaving Figma

A free Figma plugin that lets you frame your designs and phone snapshots in 3D device mockups in one click.

Screenshot of figma showing a mockup genereator plugin

You're a UX designer, not a full-time 3D animator

Spend your time designing. No more jumping from app to app, while trying to learn expensive apps like After Effects, Cinema 4D.

Frame Snapshot

Rapid mockups

Open the plugin. Select your frame. Click Render. Rotato picks the best device, or you can select any of the 30+ included 3D scenes. Place your 4K render directly in Figma. Right from Figma. And when you come back an hour, day or month later, Rotato remembes your settings for each frame.

Layer explosion

Explode minds and layers

Explode all the layers of your design in a 3D explosion for an effect that highlights the detail of your design in an impossible-to-look-away showcase of your app design. Simply check the “Explode layers” checkbox when you render your design.

Phone snapshots

No more emailing screenshots to yourself

Got a prototype running on your iPhone you want to showcase? Connect your phone and Mac with a charging cable and click your iPhone’s name in the plugin’s top menu. You can now transfer screenshots—and even wrap them in 3D mockups in one, single little click.

Everything you need

In a single plugin

and more text here, just a couple of lines nothing big, nothing small, nothing in between.

One-click mockup

Select a frame, click Render. Done.

Real-time phone screenshots

Connect your phone via USB

Get an explosive edge

Explode your layer like a million-dollar commercial.

Don't miss a pixel

Place 4K full-resolution mockups straight into your Figma page

Always get the right mockup

Choose from Rotato's 30 models, or let it auto-detect one for you

Configure once, use many

Rotato remembers your plugin settings for each Figma frame

100% customizable

Forget about light versions. With one click, switch to Rotato for full customization.

Precise placing

Drag the render from the plugin to your canvas to place it exactly where you want it

Turn your Figma account into a showcasing beast

Get started in less than 2 minutes. No credit card required.