Using a video on the mockup device

Make the screen come alive with Rotato's full video capabilities

This tutorial shows screenshots from a previous version of Rotato, so they might look slightly different on your Mac. We will be posting an updated tutorial shortly!

You can drag virtually any video file format onto the device in Rotato and turn a static mockup into a video mockup.

How to do it

  1. Find your video file in Finder
  2. Drag it onto the 3D device in Rotato
  3. To have the video play, you need at least one keyframe in the timeline

Watch a video

Nice to know


Your video's size should match the device selected in Rotato. You can see the size for all devices in the scene by clicking the 'i' icon next to the scene name in the right hand sidebar

Nice to know

Visual timeline

When you drag in a video you'll see a visual timeline of the video under they keyframes. You can use the timeline to time your animations to what's going on in the video. ‍

Nice to know


The exported movie's duration will match the dragged in video, unless your keyframes are longer. ‍