Scene Templates

19 Ready-to-render scenes, carefully crafted by Rotato staff

Four black iPhones floating on a black background so only the displays are fiully visible

4 iPhone 12 Mockups

iPhones floating on a teal background and with teal light bounce

4 iPhone 12 Mockups Floating

3 iPhone silver

3 iPhone 12 Pro Mockups

Two iPhone 12s in orange with a warm orange to red gradient background

Double iPhone 12 Pro Orange

Blue iPhone seen from the front so the blue is only visible as a sliver around the device frame

iPhone 12 Blue Mockup

Two iPhones with strong focus depth of field blur

Dual iPhone 12 Pro Depth Blur Mockup

Gold iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Gold Vignette Mockup

Front view of teal mobile

iPhone 12 Green Mockup

Back View

iPhone 12 Official Black Mockup

Bottom view of an iPhone with glitchy color effects

iPhone 12 Pro Glitchy Mockup

Front view of phone with simple reflected light stripes

iPhone 12 Pro Silver Discrete Full Mockup

Side view of colored reflection

iPhone 12 Pro Silver Discrete Luxury Mockup

Top of an iPhone showing reflection of a summery landscape

iPhone 12 Pro Silver Sunny Day Reflection Mockup

Front view of Apple official purple iphone color

iPhone 12 Purple Mockup

Silver VIgnette template

iPhone 12 Pro Silver Vignette Mockup

Bottom angled view

iPhone 12 Red Mockup

Rendering showing the top of a silver mobile phone with vignette

iPhone 12 Silver Vignette Mockup

Black iPhone coming up from the bottom on black background

iPhone 12 Vignette Mockup

iPhone 12 Mockup Template front view

iPhone 12 White Clay Mockup