Samsung Galaxy S21 Mockup


Samsung’s top model in 2021, this phone mockup boasts the advanced 5-lens camera system on the back, which can take any color of your liking. At any angle, and with any content on the screen. Great for showcasing your Android-based work, be it an app or a web project.

Rendering of Galaxy S21

How to make your Galaxy S21 Mockup

Step 1

Download Rotato and open Rotato on your Mac

Step 2

Select the Galaxy S21 mockup and drag your image or video file onto it

Step 2

Render a photo or video in seconds

When we say drag and drop, we're dead serious.

Got 65 seconds? Let's 1. import a design, 2. find an angle, 3. export a snapshot, import a landscape mockup, export that one, too, then import a video, create an animation, and render an entire movie.

Apple Silicon M1 logo

Insane speed or jaw-dropping quality? Why not both?

Rotato renders millions of pixels per second, up to 10 times faster than cloud-based solutions, thanks to our direct integration with Metal Layer 2. For you, that means no cost-per-render, and faster iterations, and that means better results.

100% customizable. 110% awesome.

Click any photo to view a larger size. Each of these took less than a second to render—even those with depth of field. That means more iterations and leveled-up deliverables.

Back of Galaxy phone
Advanced Gradient Background
Design detail in bottom left corner
Design detail in bottom right corner
Design showcase from the side
Gray background phone on table
Floating  up
Immersed in blue light and background
Phone from side
Phone rotated at angle
Purple background and light
Rainbow background
Reflections on mobile phone display
S21 design showcase on a table with shadows
Top part of phone
Bottom view
Deteail on S21
Floating Samsung phone mockup
Front view
Rotated side view
S21 frame from below with reflections on screen
S21 mockup
Samsung - phantom violoet
Samsung S21 Phantom White
Samsung S21 cameras
Samsung device frame

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