Zero Gravity

Rotating around the phone in a Matrix-style freeze-rotation, revealing both designs in one go

Top To Mobile Reveal

Laptop screen to slightly off-center phone

Slide in Mobile

The phone's the hero in this clip, slowly eclipsing the laptop in the background

Reveal phone on Macbook

Slowly panning across the laptop screen, then revealing a phone next to the keyboard

Pullback to Floating Phone

Going from laptop, then unexpectedly revealing a zero-gravity phone while slightly blurring the laptop in the background

Phone Pop Up

Starting with a laptop top view, then shooting up the phone, revealing your mobile design

In and out to the Right

Let your UI do the catwalk with the scene rotating in from the right, exiting from the right

Mobile to Laptop

Starting from the phone, then opening the laptop's lid, revealing the desktop design

Full screen to phone and laptop

Linearly and precise, this animation goes straight from the laptop's screen to a top view showing both screens

From Laptop to Mobile

Starting off showing your desktop design in full screen, then revealing the laptop and your mobile design

Focus on Floating

A phone hangs in the air above a laptop, slowly revolving and elegantly revealing both designs in one rotation

Fast Floating In and Out

The scene rushes in from the left, then exits to the left again.