Change color, shadows and clay,

Get exactly the style you want with the format side bar

This tutorial shows screenshots from a previous version of Rotato, so they might look slightly different on your Mac. We will be posting an updated tutorial shortly!

Change the device color

When you drag in a screenshot, Rotato works in the background to extract the most significant colors from that screenshot. Once it's done, you can select from these colors in the side bar.

  • Click a color in the side bar
  • Click the first color button to bring up a full-spectrum color picker.

Change the clay mode

Rotato comes with a clay mode for all devices. Enabling it changes all of the materials on the selected device to a clay-like material, without reflections. This is a great effect when you want to direct a viewer's attention away from the device, but still show your design on a device.

Change shadow

You can change the shadow intensity. The higher the number, the more intense.

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