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Moving the camera

Find the perfect angle just by moving your mouse or typing in a number

Rotato lets you move the camera so you can get any angle you want, fast.

Using your mouse or trackpad

  • Drag on the scene to rotate
  • Hold G while dragging to pan
  • Scroll with two fingers (or pinch) to zoom with your trackpad

Using your keyboard

Many users like how this is a fast, consistent and precise way to control the camera.

  • Use arrow keys to pan
  • Hold ⌘ Command while using the arrow keys to rotate
  • Hold shift to use precision mode and move in small steps
  • Press 0 to go back to the initial position

And for advanced users:

  • ⌘ Command + click on the 3D device to set a new rotation anchor point (experimental)

Using numbers

Click the little arrow in the sidebar to type in exactly how to position the camera.

Tip: Place your mouse on the label below the field and drag it to experiment with values.

Screenshot showing Rotato's fine-grained camera control input fields