Quick Start: Make a video

Create your first 3D animation and save it as a video anyone can play

This tutorial shows screenshots from a previous version of Rotato, so they might look slightly different on your Mac. We will be posting an updated tutorial shortly!

Join Morten as he guides you through making and exporting your first 3D mockup device animation.

Getting your designs into Rotato

The easiest way? Just drag your design onto the device mockup. But there are other ways, too. Let's check them out

Move the camera around the phone

Use your mouse to drag anywhere in the mockup area to rotate. You can also use the keyboard and the numeric camera inputs in the top area of the right hand sidebar.

Remove the default keyframes

Click the trashcan icon in the timeline area to remove the default keyframes.

Set the starting angle

How do you want your animation to start? Drag with your mouse (or use your arrow keys, or the precise camera controls) to set the starting position of your animation.

Add the first keyframe

Now that we've set the initial position, we need to tell Rotato that this is a position we want to use in our animation. Using the + button, add the first keyframe.

Set the ending angle

Now it's time to tell Rotato how we want the animation to end. So once again, rotate!

Add the second keyframe

And once again, we'll tell Rotato, hey, this position looks great, let's use it in our animation. Hit the + button in the timeline area to add your second keyframe.

Play the timeline

You may have noticed that you can scrub the playhead along the timeline to preview your work, but now it's the moment of truth: the big animation preview! Hit the Play button in the timeline area, or simply hit the Space bar to play and pause your animation.

Adjust keyframe duration

We're pretty happy with our animation, but the timing needs a bit of love. So find the keyframe whose duration you want to change and drag the right hand side edge of it. Another way is to select the keyframe and entering a new duration in the right hand side bar.

Saving your animation as a video

Let's get you a high definition smooth-as-butter video you can use anywhere, like on your website, social media, or in your next meeting with your soon-to-be impressed boss. "