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"I absolutely love it. It saves me so much time not having to struggle in apps like Adobe After Effects."
Dominik Sobe on Product Hunt, 5/5

Tired of fighting
After Effects?

We took a hard look at the state of device mockups for design showcasing, and, well, it's not pretty.

Good mockups are too hard to find

Hunting for hours to find the perfect mockup on a shady website, only to find that everyone else is using it? Or how about spending months learning 3D software?

Rotato ships with 30+ battle-tested 3D devices, specifically made for Rotato by our pro 3D artists. But that's not all. We'll boost you with our big library of free templates.

3D and motion apps are hard to use and expensive

If you can use Powerpoint, you can use Rotato. And with our free templates, it's just a few clicks.

A 3D freelancer costs $300+ per hour

A quick secret? We've heard from some 3D artists that they often use Rotato themselves. It's is free to get started, with simple pricing if you decide to go Pro.

You're not going to stand out with lifeless cookie-cutter mockups

Our mockups are 100% customizable, down to the 3D reflections, DSLR controls, backgrounds and device colors

3 steps to
studio-grade mockups

We simplified the process to fit perfectly into your workflow. So even if you're 5 minutes away from a big presentation, you can get a stunning mockup that will blow them away.

Mockups the whole team
can be proud of

Use your Rotato mockups anywhere—PowerPoint, Google Slides, Docs, emails, App Store images, App Store Previews, TikTok, Instagram.

A Youtube promo video with a red mockup
A tutorial on Youtube
App Store images with a custom background
A phone mockup in Keynote
A tweet on Twitter with a mockup
A software specification with a mockup
A focus blurred mockup in Keynote
A laptop mockup in a Google Slides deck
A laptop mockup in Keynote
A mockup in a TikTok video
A portfolio using a phone mockup

The industry's
smartest 3D mockups

We packed Rotato's dead-simple user interface with actually useful features that will give you endless customization. But be prepared to be asked which app you used. A lot.

Real Clay
Clay mode mockup
Mockup on transparent background
Mockup with shadow
Shadow Styles
Landscape/portrait toggle
Design Privacy
Privacy icon
App Store Templates
App Store templates
Extreme resolution
An audio file icon
Laptop Lid
A 3D laptop with a rotatable lid
Presentation Mode
Video calling icons like zoom, Teams and Google Meet
3D animation
UI showing an animation timeline
iPhone Mirror
USB cable and an iPhone
A 3D iPhone with a label on the back
DSLR-level virtual camera lens control
Jesse Herlitz
Jesse Herlitz, General Manager, Castro app

Make your first 3D mockup
in 5 minutes or less

You shouldn't have to spend hours hunting for the right mockup, only to find that it doesn't fit with your design. Rotato is free until you're ready to pay, and we think you'll love the compliments from your clients and bosses.

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'I never did animated mockups, it was just too time consuming. Using Rotato it takes me less than 10 minutes. It's so good I kind of want to keep the secret to myself 😈'

- Frank Lindner, Manager at Riseio

It's not even close

This is what you get with a specialized app: Rotato is almost 9 times faster than Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects when it comes to animating a simple screenshot. But you will have to learn the Adobe apps first. That's why many of Rotato's users are Adobe experts. And many are not. They don't have to be.

If you want to see exactly how it's done, check out the tutorial on how to animate a screenshot in Premiere and how to animate in After Effects. Scroll down to see a tutorial for how it's done in Rotato.

Speed test

Don't take our word
for it

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Last year I decided to purchase a premium version of Rotato. I was at the point where my design presentation needed a decent device mockup more frequently. Now I already got my money back from my design kit sales. Investing in the right tools will take you further!


More fun with multi-device scenes and videos

Jordan Morgan
Jordan Morgan

For tutorial & blog posts, I think a compelling demo project really helps. The one I came up with for my next post on @Superwall was fun to jam on, it's pretty dang close to being an MVP itself 😀 Look for Caffeine Pal: The World's Best Fake Caffeine Tracker™️ next week!

Like a mockup ballet!


Eye candy for your wrist. "Bandbreite" for watchOS 10 is now available on the @AppStore. | youtu.be/uTkD1DlgVcI #watchOS10 #AppleWatchBands #BandbreiteApp

Exporting with transparency lets you do some cool stuff like this


After lots of iterations, I’ll be dropping a case study for an app I designed called Whiz ✨🤭


A shiny watch #withRotato - the spinner that turns into a round metric is great!

Steven H-A
Steven H-A

I wanted to do something different, so I thought of a little app to calculate BMI with of course the gratitude/congratulation UI. Prompt : Watch Ul animation showing gratitude (by @miggi) #figbruary #figbruary2024

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