Exploded view in Figma

Show all the elements of your design using depth in an exploded view

This tutorial shows screenshots from a previous version of Rotato, so they might look slightly different on your Mac. We will be posting an updated tutorial shortly!

This tutorial requires the Rotato for Figma plugin.

Exploded views are great when you need to call out details in a more interesting way than circles and arrows. They're also great with animations, so let's take a look!

Creating the exploded view

  1. Select the Figma frame you want to explode.
  2. Check the Exploded Layers box below the detected device mockup model.
  3. Click Render



You almost always want to customize an exploded view. To do that, click Adjust in Rotato in the plugin.


If you want to customize which layers get their own exploded plane, you can group those layers in Figma before you create the exploded view. Read more in the in-depth tutorial about cinematic layer explosions under "Understanding your layers in 3D space".


When you create an exploded view, the Rotato side bar gets a new control called Explosion levitation. You can type in a new value or drag with your mouse on the label below the text box to experiment. The levitation value controls the distance between each layer.