Glass Phone


Sometimes, you want your design to shine, but also give some space to the background. A regular mockup can sometimes get in the way of a sophisticated mockup background, but on the other hand, presenting a design without a mockup feels too thin.

That’s why we made this glass mockup. It’s just as transparent as a window, but the message is clear: it’s a phone. So, if you’ve been wondering how to make a glass mockup in Photoshop, this is it. Except, you don’t need Photoshop.

Rendering of Glass Phone

How to make your Glass Phone Mockup

Step 1

Download Rotato and open Rotato on your Mac

Step 2

Select the Glass Phone mockup and drag your image or video file onto it

Step 2

Render a photo or video in seconds

When we say drag and drop, we're dead serious.

Got 65 seconds? Let's 1. import a design, 2. find an angle, 3. export a snapshot, import a landscape mockup, export that one, too, then import a video, create an animation, and render an entire movie.

Apple Silicon M1 logo

Insane speed or jaw-dropping quality? Why not both?

Rotato renders millions of pixels per second, up to 10 times faster than cloud-based solutions, thanks to our direct integration with Metal Layer 2. For you, that means no cost-per-render, and faster iterations, and that means better results.

100% customizable. 110% awesome.

Click any photo to view a larger size. Each of these took less than a second to render—even those with depth of field. That means more iterations and leveled-up deliverables.

Custom color with shadow
Landscape photo showing through transparent iphone frame
Custom color yellow
White with shadow
Angled Glass iPhone
Front view full figure
Frontal view of glass
Front view of glass mockup
Reflections in glass
Green and blue graidents

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