Mockup in Figma - installing the plugin

How to install Rotato for Figma and create 3D mockups in a single click

This tutorial shows screenshots from a previous version of Rotato, so they might look slightly different on your Mac. We will be posting an updated tutorial shortly!

Here's how to get Rotato right inside Figma so you can create 3D mockups, exploded layer views, and take live screenshots of your phone - without leaving Figma. You can read more about the plugin here.

How to install

  1. Install the latest version of Rotato. Upgrade from the app or download and install.
  2. Install the Figma Mockup plugin.
  3. Open Rotato
  4. Open Figma > Plugins > Rotato
  5. Switch to Rotato and click OK in the pop up asking you if you want to allow Figma to use Rotato.

That's it! You're now ready to create your first mockup in Figma.